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Complete Solutions

 In addition to bringing you Smart Controls, ComAp offers additional services that bring our high industry knowledge and experience to your application.  

Our team combined with our portfolio of products, software and accessories bring with them knowledge and features to support both power generation and engine driven applications all over North America.  We work closely with our customers to develop unique customized and turnkey solutions for ordinary and extraordinary applications delivering high standards of excellence on every project. 

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Custom Made Solutions

We can help you to find an optimum solution both from the financial and the technical point of view. This effort is supported by our knowledge of the industry and a broad portfolio of ComAp control systems. Click here for more about our line of control panels


Preparation of Drawings

Based on the customer's specifications or the customer's site inspection, our team is able to prepare drafts for bids or final production drawing documentation.

Inspection on Customer's Site

Customer's site inspection are still the best way how to learn about the existing equipment and specific customer's demands, our team is able to provide an optimum proposal of the solution, either a detailed offer for the control or a complete key-ready delivery. In this way, conditions and scope of services are clearly defined. 

Commissioning and Function Testing

Our team provides commissioning services of the control system, connection of its monitoring functions to the existing systems or any other control system, function tests, and final training for the operating personnel as required for the equipment and the whole system safe operation.

On-Site Technical Support

We offer on-site technical support to our customers where you need that extra edge to ensure the project goes smoothly. With this option, we can offer a hybrid of commissioning help, hands-on training, and teach best practices for designing systems. It is a lot like an insurance policy, just a lot less fine print.