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Power Generation

The ComAp 'New Technology' family is a comprehensive range of configurable Gen-set controllers suitable for managing simple, every day or even the most complex CHP application. In addition, all ComAp Genset controllers now feature one piece of software making them universally compatible with most of the leading manufacturers of electronic engines. With increased memory, more features and greater processing speed, ComAp's 'New Technology' control products have built an enviable reputation for effective system integration, simpler monitoring and more user-friendly remote supervising and servicing.

InteliNano NT

InteliNano NT is flexible product family of cost effective diesel and gasoline generator set controllers that meets the requirements of small applications.

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InteliLite NT

InteliLite NT is product family designed for use in standby and prime mover applications, which typically feature a single generator.

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InteliGen NT

New Technology InteliGen NT is a comprehensive controller for both single and multiple gen-sets operating in standby or parallel modes.

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InteliSys NT

InteliSys NT is a premium control product, which is designed for complex generator (standby and parallel) and cogeneration (CHP) applications involving single and multiple gen-sets.

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InteliMains NT

InteliMains NT is an easy to use mains supervision unit, which connects InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT controllers to the mains and serves as a bus-tie synchronizing controller between two groups of gen-sets.

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