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ComAp's simple bi-fuel conversion modifies your original diesel power generation engine so that it uses natural gas as the main fuel - substantially reducing operating costs. It works by introducing gas into the engine and then electronically controlling gas flow dependent on engine speed and output.

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Bi-fuel conversion requires virtually no engine modification and brings benefits in every application:

  • Affordable diesel engines combined with inexpensive natural gas
  • Economical solution for slow-speed, middle-speed and high-speed engines
  • Flexible use of fuel (can even use gas that would normally be flared as a by-product)
  • Guaranteed power output
  • Efficient and safe operation with lower emissions
  • Longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs

Example Applications

A ComAp Bi-fuel conversion with an InteliBifuel can be applied to any type of gen-set or engine mode of operation, whether it be island, synchronisation or paralleling.
With a Bi-fuel conversion, a substitution rate of up to 70% can be achieved. The solution offers you complete fuel flexibility and seamless transition between diesel and Bi-fuel operation mode as required by the operator.
As the conversion does not interfere with the existing gen-set or engine controller, the functionality of the application remains the same.
A range of gas types can be used as the substitute such as natural gas, well gas, landfill gas, coal gas or biogas.
An InteliDrive MOBILE allows for a Bi-fuel conversion for any mobile variable speed application such as mine haul trucks, frac trucks, locomotives or marine propulsion engines.
Given that diesel fuel is the second largest cost to mine sites, ComAp’s bi-fuel conversion that has been adapted to mobile machinery can offer significant financial savings.
The conversion has specially designed 3D algorithm to allow for the changing power demands of a vehicle’s engine.


Engaging in a Bi-fuel conversion provides the opportunity to lessen your environmental impact, while also providing engine safety, monitoring and provision of parameters.
A Frac Truck is usually powered by a variable speed diesel combustion engine. Fitting your Frac Truck with ComAp Bi-fuel technology means the diesel combustion engine that drives the pump is converted.
This conversion allows the truck to extract shale gas directly from the ground and as such, means a substantial reduction in diesel fuel use and operation costs.


Products Description
InteliBifuel LITE Bi-fuel/dual fuel control system for low-powered engine
InteliBifuel Bi-fuel/dual fuel control system for single speed engine
InteliBifuel MOBILE Bi-fuel/dual fuel control system for mobile variable speed engine
InteliBifuel 20 Bi-fuel/dual-fuel control system package
InteliBifuel 2 Bi-fuel/dual-fuel control system package
Gas Train Low pressure gas train for HSC

 You give us a few details, we give you a lot of savings! Try the ComAp Bi-fuel calculator to see how much you can potenttially save with ComAp's bi-fuel solution.

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