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Many of the ComAp controls allow for additional or optional hardware to extend input/output count, to interface via web or to operate ancilliary components within the engine control system. Let ComAp assist you in finding the proper accessories to complete your control solution.

ComAp LLC offers a variety of accessories for generator and engine controllers, including PC software tools, modules and kits.

ComAp's specially designed software tools aid in configuring, operating and monitoring individual generator and engine controllers as well as entire power plant sites. Operating the software from a PC gives users total control of the equipment, allowing them to modify, download, upload and save configurations, set parameter settings online, observe and save key values and events and maintain remote control.

Gen-set and engine controllers are also complimented by other accessories, including extension and communication modules and panels for remote monitoring. These accessories allow users to custom design controllers to meet individual project requirements. In addition, ComAp LLC offers starter kits for simulating various applications.

Extension Modules

ComAp extension modules provide additional input/output functionality to controllers.

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Communication modules

Communication modules use Ethernet, Internet and SMS to create a communication link directly with other controllers and to individuals responsible for monitoring and servicing generator applications.

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Remote displays

Remote displays provide users with a choice of improved data visibility and the ability to communicate over greater distances.

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Additional Modules

We have a large selection of modules that enhance the functionality of our control units.

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