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Products throughout the website are divided into main product categories which reflect their general application and sub-categories which indicate product options. Each category is color-coded to make them easier to identify and also help you cross-reference products throughout the whole site.

Power Generation

ComAp utilizes controls by ComAp that are custom tailored to the customer's needs. The controls range from the complex to the simplest standby control. Let ComAp find the right fit for your generator control and monitoring needs.

InteliNano NTInteliLite NTInteliGen NTInteliSys NT
InteliMains NT   


ComAp, a market leader in engine control solutions, have developed an easy to fit bi-fuel management package including a range of InteliBifuel controllers for use as a standard control platform for diesel generators. The new control system is ideally


ComAp utilizes controls by ComAp and the proper configuration software to meet the drive needs of our customers. The control functionality ranges from electric motor controls, to fire pumps, compressors, industrial pumps and marine drive.

InteliDrive LiteInteliDrive DCUInteliDrive Mobile 

Mains Protections

A family of mains protection modules that provide the necessary protection functions to meet the requirements of all applications where generators operate in parallel with the mains.



Many of the ComAp controls allow for additional or optional hardware to extend input/output count, to interface via web or to operate ancilliary components within the engine control system.

Extension ModulesCommunication modulesRemote displaysAdditional Modules

PC tools

Keeping up with your controls systems is an essential part of business up time. Use the ComAp PC Tools to meet the needs of your specific monitoring needs. Customizable views make it easy to know your equipment status via web or local connection.

Monitoring SWConfiguration SWConfiguration & Monitoring SW 

UL Certifications

ComAp controllers are both US & Canadian Recognized under the Component Recognition Program of UL or listed to applicable UL Standards and requirements by UL


Complete Solutions

ComAp offers additional services to bring you the complete solution. The services range from site commissioning, on-site technical support, control assemblies including designing and manufacturing.

Control Panels

A series of engineered solutions tailored made by industry.