ComAp LLC was established in 2006 to promote support state-of-the-art ComAp control products in the USA and Canada.


ComAp is a dynamic international company with a solid reputation for delivering innovative solutions to the power generation electronics market. By providing customers with advanced products, ComAp has built a name for delivering excellent reliability and good value.

ComAp designs and manufactures gen-set and engine control and monitoring equipment, anti-knocking controllers and mains decoupling relays. In addition to the gen-set and engine communication products, ComAp also provides turnkey conversions of already installed diesel gen-sets to Bi-fuel / dual-fuel operation.

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"We have been using ComAp products for 3 years now, and we are very confident in them. All of our customers like the controllers for their simplicity and user-friendly set up."

Santokh Sahota
Engineering Manager


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